Saturday, April 25, 2009

Points of View

'Elections Have Consequences' - By Brian M. Carney - The Wall Street Journal - An interview with Judd Gregg - "I should have been smart enough to see the daylight before I walked in the door. . . . I don't think there's any big lesson here for anybody but myself, which is the obvious: It would have been impossible for me to be with the president 100% of the time, which is what a cabinet secretary has to be."

Transparency and the Right to Know - By Mary Graham - The Boston Globe - "What do these recent incidents have in common: home purchases based on misleading mortgage costs; deaths associated with widespread contamination of the blood thinner heparin; and huge financial losses suffered by even sophisticated investors on exotic debt instruments?"

World Bank Report Card - The Wall Street Journal - "The world's finance ministers are gathered in Washington this weekend for the spring meeting of the World Bank, which recently announced that it would spend up to $45 billion over three years for public-works projects alone. But as they shovel the money out the door, they might want to consider how carefully it will be spent -- or misspent."

The Hollywoodization of Wall Street - By Neal Gabler - The Boston Globe - "The recent reports of Wall Street's own excesses - private planes, lavish parties, gold-plated bathroom fixtures, and customized limousines - all sound like pure Hollywood. And that might not be coincidental."

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