Saturday, April 11, 2009

Points of View

Well, we are now in crunch time mode for tax season, but there is a Wednesday at the end of the tunnel. Rollins & Associates, P.C. is hard at work, and with the traditional ritual of taxes on the desk and The Masters on the television, the end is in sight.

Today, we have a variety subjects covered, so take your pick and enjoy.

The Tax Capital of the World - The Wall Street Journal - "States are raising taxes despite the 'stimulus'; New York is No. 1."

Reviving the Motor Voter Law - The New York Times - "In 1993, Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act, widely known as the motor voter law, to make it easier for eligible voters to register and to increase registration rates of traditionally underrepresented groups, including poor people."

Forget About Merit - The Wall Street Journal - "We're starting to understand what labor El Supremo Andy Stern meant when he called the Obama Administration a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to press the union agenda. Last month the Pentagon announced it would "review" a pay-for-performance system that now covers some 200,000 of its civilian employees, delaying any new entrants to the system. In short, merit pay for work well done. Fugettaboutit. House Democrats are now pushing to freeze pay for performance across the entire federal government."

The Obama Holiday Tour - By Gail Collins - The New York Times - "Americans with less religious inclinations can look forward to the upcoming Earth Day celebrations, when the president is planning to do something as yet unannounced, but undoubtedly special, and Arbor Day, when rumor has it that he will not just plant a tree, but personally reforest a large swath of the nation of Mali."

Tiger Woods Rivals Jordan, Trumps March Madness - By Scott Soshnick - Bloomberg - "One channel was showing the closing moments of a seesaw National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament game. Another channel was showing Tiger Woods, who, after entering the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational five strokes back, was standing over a 16-foot, he-makes-it-he-wins-it birdie putt on the 72nd hole."

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