Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Q&A: A Special Series Devoted to Answering Your Burning Financial Questions

It’s hot here in Atlanta this time of year, but this summer is such a scorcher that we’re beginning to wonder if the financial questions burning in our readers’ minds are bringing the Earth’s climate to an all-time high. In an effort to bring the temperature back to a more comfortable level, we’re introducing a Q&A series that will run every Tuesday over the next three weeks.

So, here’s your chance! Provide us with a brief synopsis of your current situation along with some short financial questions, and we’ll take a stab at giving you concise answers. For example, are you a parent with some questions regarding college savings plans? Or perhaps you’re a working couple in your 50’s with some retirement planning questions. Maybe you’re already retired and you’ve got some estate planning questions. Send them our way at contact@rollinsfinancial.com and we’ll work on answering them.

We’re asking that you please keep your questions brief and limit them specifically to investing and financial planning, not the economy or political matters since Joe already frequently provides his opinion on those matters. Our goal is to provide brief, in-a-nutshell answers that will hopefully be useful to other readers in similar situations.

Again, we’ll be launching this special series on Tuesday, August 10th. We can’t wait to receive our reader submissions so we can start working on this project.

Best regards,

Joe Rollins, Eddie Wilcox and Robby Schultz

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