Monday, December 14, 2009

Articles for the Day - December 14

AT&T Takes the Blame, Even for the iPhone’s Faults - By Randall Stross - The New York Times - "I LOVE my iPhone. I just wish it were matched with Verizon Wireless, the carrier with the most envied reputation as fast, ubiquitous, reliable, nigh perfect. Consumer Reports has just released its annual survey of cellphone service, and its respondents collectively agree with me about the rankings: AT&T occupies the bottom and Verizon, the top."

Exxon Mobil to buy XTO Energy in big U.S. gas bet - By Matt Daily and Anna Driver - Reuters - "Exxon Mobil Corp will buy XTO Energy Inc in an all-stock deal valued at about $30 billion, in a move that thrusts the U.S. energy giant to the forefront of North America's fast-growing natural gas industry."

President Meets with Bankers After Televised Blast - By Ronald D. Orol - MarketWatch - "President Barack Obama is sitting down Monday with the top executives of the nation's largest banks at the White House, with echoes of "fat cats" ringing in everyone's ears. On the eve of the meeting, Obama slammed bankers on network television, calling them "fat-cat bankers" on CBS's "60 Minutes" program."

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