Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Notes for the Day - November 20

Bank of Japan Comes Out Upbeat on Economy - The Bank of Japan offered an upbeat outlook on the nation's overall economy and maintained its interest rates at 0.1%. The BOJ stated that financial conditions were continuing to improve, exports and production were still increasing, and the decline in corporate-capital outlays appeared to be ending. All of that being said, the BOJ continued to stress that the downside risks had decreased, but the current measures and policies were still needed to support a continued growth in the economy. This has essentially been the exact same statement voiced by central bankers around the world recently.

"Cash for Caulkers" Could Deliver $23B for Home Energy Efficiency - By Justin Moresco - Reuters - "Step aside 'Cash for Clunkers,' and make way for 'Cash for Caulkers.' The White House is reportedly considering rolling out a two-year, $23 billion program to encourage homeowners to undertake weatherization projects such as adding air sealing, insulation and energy-saving light bulbs. The program would be called Home Star -– playing off the name Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency’s widely recognized energy efficiency program. The New York Times, in a story published last night, reported Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s chief of staff, as saying that it’s one of the 'top things he’s looking at.'"

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