Saturday, August 22, 2009

Points of View - August 22

Bernanke in the Cross-Hairs - By Kimberley Strassel - The Wall Street Journal - "The Obama administration might be wishing it had a secure location for the Federal Reserve chief. The Treasury Department's proposal to overhaul the financial regulatory system is in trouble. Congress left town after bitter hearings, rancorous accusations and dire warnings about the proposal's future. And that was just from Democrats."

It’s Time to Stay the Courier - By Joe Nocera - The New York Times - "On the one hand, he has a guaranteed monopoly for much of his business. On the other hand, monopoly or not, the combination of the Internet and the recession is absolutely crushing his company, just as it is for so many other companies across the country. His last quarter’s results, which were announced on Wednesday, revealed a loss of $2.4 billion. The business is on track to lose a staggering $7 billion in 2009, on around $68 billion in revenue. That’s practically General Motors territory."

A Better Way to Go Postal - The Wall Street Journal - "Whatever possessed President Obama to mention the travails of the post office while discussing health care the other day, his timing was certainly apt. The Postal Service is headed toward a loss of $7 billion this year and another $7 billion in 2010. Naturally, Congress is planning another bailout rather than the kind of reform that would recognize how technology has transformed modern communications."

A Public Option That Works - By William H. Dow, Arindrajit Dube, and Carrie Hoverman Colla - The New York Times - "Two burning questions are at the center of America’s health care debate. First, should employers be required to pay for their employees’ health insurance? And second, should there be a “public option” that competes with private insurance? Answers might be found in San Francisco, where ambitious health care legislation went into effect early last year. San Francisco and Massachusetts now offer the only near-universal health care programs in the United States."

Pull the Plug on ObamaCare - By Peggy Noonan - The Wall Street Journal - "Looking back, this must have been the White House health-care strategy: Health care as a subject is extraordinarily sticky, messy and confusing. It's inherently complicated, and it's personal. There are land mines all over the place. Don't make the mistake the Clintons made and create a plan that gets picked apart, shot down, and injures the standing of the president. Instead, push it off on Congress. Let them come up with a dozen plans. It will keep them busy. It will convince them yet again of their importance and autonomy."

Pelosi Defends Public-Plan Option, Comprehensive Reform - By Kristen Gerencher - Health Matters from MarketWatch - "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with community religious leaders and took questions in her home district on Thursday as she pressed her case for health reform in front of a welcoming crowd that stood in stark contrast to images of angry town-hall protesters earlier this month. A final bill must be comprehensive in nature and must include a public-plan option, she said."

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