Sunday, May 24, 2009

Points of View - May 24

A few good articles here. The first deals with credit cards, and there is a painfully simple solution it proposes. The second discusses the economies of the emerging markets... a place that has risen dramatically thus far this year. Finally, the President of The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas discusses the moves of The Fed, government, and foreign governments.

Healthy Credit - By David Gibson, Carla Hall, and Sylvia Harris - The New York Times - "Last week, President Obama signed legislation that limits the credit card industry’s ability to raise rates, penalize late payers and issue credit cards to people under 21. As consumers, we are thrilled. But as professional communicators, we believe that Congress and the White House have overlooked a simple innovation that could be as powerful as these reforms, if not more so. Inspired by the Nutrition Facts label found on food packaging, we designed its equivalent for credit cards..."

Emerging economies: Decoupling 2.0 - The Economist - "The biggest emerging economies will recover faster than America - Remember the debate about decoupling? A year ago, many commentators—including this newspaper—argued that emerging economies had become more resilient to an American recession, thanks to their strong domestic markets and prudent macroeconomic policies. Naysayers claimed America’s weakness would fell the emerging world."

Don't Monetize the Debt: An Interview with Richard Fisher - By Mary Anastasia O'Grady - The Wall Street Journal - "From his perch high atop the palatial Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, overlooking what he calls 'the most modern, efficient city in America,' Richard Fisher says he is always on the lookout for rising prices. But that's not what's worrying the bank's president right now. His bigger concern these days would seem to be what he calls 'the perception of risk' that has been created by the Fed's purchases of Treasury bonds, mortgage-backed securities and Fannie Mae paper."

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