Sunday, March 22, 2009

Points of View - Our Leaders

Some interesting articles have been written and cartoons made about our various political and economic leaders as of late, so below are a few of the ones that we have seen and discussed.

Are We Home Alone? - By Thomas L. Friedman - The New York Times - "I ran into an Indian businessman friend last week and he said something to me that really struck a chord: 'This is the first time I’ve ever visited the United States when I feel like you’re acting like an immature democracy.'"

Obama Is No Socialist - By Alan S. Blinder - The Wall Street Journal - "Ever since President Barack Obama released the budget last month, we have been hearing a fusillade of criticism claiming that the president, contrary to previous advertising, is not a centrist, but a "leftie" intent on leading the country down the path of socialism. Let's see. Socialism means public ownership and control of businesses, right? So which industries does the president propose to nationalize?"

Secretary of the Fed - By The Wall Street Journal - "In case there was any residual doubt, the Bernanke Fed threw itself all in this week to unlock financial markets and spur the economy. With its announced plan to make a mammoth purchase of Treasury securities, the Fed essentially said that the considerable risks of future inflation and permanent damage to the Fed's political independence are details that can be put off, or cleaned up, at a later date. Whatever else people will say about his chairmanship, Ben Bernanke does not want deflation or Depression on his resume."

Ben's $1.2 Tril Bet - By Investor's Business Daily - "An academic expert on the Depression, Bernanke no doubt understands that the government during the 1930s did too much tax-hiking, tinkering and regulating, and too little on the monetary side of things, and that this was a big reason why the economy collapsed."

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