Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rush Cashes In

The conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is said to have reached a deal with Premiere Radio Network (owned by Clear Channel) through 2016 and reportedly $400 million. The numbers are staggering, but what makes the entire deal interesting is the struggling advertising market as a whole.

The advertising market on radio has been tough as well, and Clear Channel is looking to lock up one of the most successful and profitable names in radio. With an estimated 20 million listeners, Rush's show will continue to be a big draw for anyone looking to market their products.

Between now and 2016, anything can happen (think Howard Stern and his $500 million contract with Sirius that keeps looking smaller and smaller), but Rush has a 20 year history that has survived Bush, Clinton, and Bush. Whether McCain or Obama, Rush is going to have plenty to say.

Look for some more conservative dialogue coming out of the $400 million man for years to come...

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